Hicksville Indian Culture

Vastra of Hicksville, Long Island is proud to have been part of the growth of Little India in their town over the years. As more people have come to Hicksville to check out Indian culture, they have also been checking out the Indian fashion experience at our store in growing numbers.

Indian culture on Long Island is spreading faster and faster every year. But you don’t have to go to Jackson Heights to get your full experience of Long Island Indian culture. For the first time ever, Hicksville hosted the “India Day Parade” in 2012. It featured over 25 floats, dozens of dancers and artists, Indian celebrities, arts and crafts, Indian music, local organizations, and of course tons of food. The fabulous Indian fashion to match was a plus!

Picture from Indian culture parade

Picture from Indian culture parade

The team at Vastra has been there to witness it all since 1997. The owner, Poonam Jain, feels that the Indian cultural presence on Long Island will only grow. She has seen many more customers at the Vastra boutique who come to her and say that they don’t even feel the need to go to Jackson Heights, India, to shop for their Indian fashion dresses. They actually enjoy all the things they can do in Hicksville. A typical day for a desi who comes to spend the day at Hicksville might go like this:

  • 12 pm: Lunch at Bengali Sweet House or Kiran Palace
  • 2 pm: Putting in a salwar suit order at Vastra for an upcoming Indian event
  • 4 pm: Taking a Bollywood dance class at BollyArts
  • 6 pm: Popping in for a cup of chai and pastries at Hot Breads
  • 7 pm: Stock up on any medicines at Harry’s Indian owned pharmacy
  • 8 pm: Heading over to the newly opened Gurudwara off 107
A sample of one of the many Indian dress styles you can have personally fitted at Vastra of Hicsville

A sample of one of the many Indian dress styles you can have personally fitted at Vastra of Hicksville

Whether it’s eating, shopping, dancing, or praying, Long Island has it all for us South Asians! What do you think is next? We predict more performing arts spaces where we can see cultural performances, more street festivals on a large scale, a permanent Indian fast food truck, and possibly an Indian heritage center full with media arts, library, and workshops opening up by 2020. At least, we hope so!
Contact Poonam Jain if you are in the Long Island area and want to see our South Asian fashion collection at 516-433-7724.

A collection of Indian cultural opportunities in and around Hicksville, Long Island. Click to enlarge

A collection of Indian cultural opportunities. Click to enlarge