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For Long Island Indian brides in the know, there is the Vastra of
Hicksville to cater to their Indian bridal boutique needs.

Bridal lehenga for the New York bride

Forget Jackson Heights, Vastra is the place for Indian, and for that matter, all South Asian brides to get their bridal lehenga and other South Asian wedding fashion attire. Invite all the women in the family to this jewel of the New York Indian wedding fashion scene to be outfitted for the special day. They can even select from an impressive array of Indian jewelry to accessorize.

Poonam Jain, of Vastra, will help fulfill all your Indian wedding fashion dreams. Even a wedding saree inspired by a memorable Bollywood movie.

But at Vastra we are known for more than just Indian wedding fashion. WE are a full service South Asian custom fashion outfitter.

Vastra of Hicksville  is a boutique that has been catering to the most fashionable of  private clients in Long Island and the greater New York metro area for years.  Vastra helps women create Bollywood and high

end fashion inspired South Asian dresses, not just for Indian weddings, but for all occasions. Â At Vastra, our unique selling point is that our Indian fashion clothing is made by our own artisans and craftsmen in New Delhi. Â We do not outsource to a third party supplier.

This greatly benefits our clients who order our Indian dresses because we have full control over the design, sourcing, and fabricating of the order. Â We also are able to deliver trends that are custom made to the wearer”s preference. Â It is surely the place to go for the most discriminating Indian bride.

You do not have to go with the particular fabric or color that you see at our store — you can change it up according to your own style. Â Lastly, we offer materials and fabrics that cannot be found in other Indian fashion boutiques on Long Island. Â Our fabrics are personally hand-picked from the streets of New Delhi to ensure quality and latest trends.

Double shaded lehenga

White and Pink lehenga for South Asian engagements

An Anarkali for an Indian Bridesmaid

Bridal lehenga for the New York bride

Lady Sangeet Lehenga

A long lime anarkali for all ocassions

A dress perfect for a guest of the Indian wedding

Pink and Silver Suit for Indian Enagement Party

Desi Bride in New York

Lady Sangeet Lehenga

Anarkali for a rehearsal dinner

Lady Sangeet Lehenga

Desi Bride in New York

Open crystal back