Indian Fabrics, Designs, and Embroidery in New York

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Indian Fabrics, Designs, and Embroidery in New York

At the Vastra Indian fashion boutique on Long Island, we are absolute perfectionists. Since we think of each lehenga, suit, saree, etc. as works of art, we know how important every minute detail is to the fabrication of a dress.

Here are some terms that you should know about what, then you can decide what  kind of embroidery to put on your Indian dress or saree custom made at the direction of our Hicksville, Long Island shop.

Zardozi Embroidery:

An ancient form done with gold or silvar zari threads. It’s also known as metal embroidery. It originated in Persia and was brought to India by the moghuls. It used to only be done on clothes for the rich and royal. Zardozi is very heavy in weight and can only be done on fabrics that are of good quality, expensive, and royal looking themselves. It is one of the most tedious and time-consuming forms of embroidery. Expertise, skill, and art is required to do it properly. When you are wearing something with Zardozi embroidery, you should know you are wearing something that was fit for the South Asian kings and queens of a bygone era!

Indian embroidery from Long Island - red with gold decoration

Indian Embroidery from Long Island

Mirror Embroidery:

Coming from Gujrat, it also originated in Persia during the 13th century. Mirror embroidery can be done with both large and small mirrors and is popular in the Jats community and Rajasthan. It uses colorful threads like red, green, blue, yellow, black, and maroon. This embroidery uses a combination of hand and some assistance from machine embroidery. It is also considered a costly form.

Kantha Embroidery:

Kantha originates from West Bengal and is done on many layers of cloth. The concept is to make worn out garments into beautiful garments also known as recycling. The artists can embroider images of humans, animals, flowers, and other designs. Different types of patterns like jaal, folk life, and dhan chori are done in kantha embroidery. It is popular in the villages to have this embroidery on the borders of saris.

Chikankari Embroidery:

Originating from Lucknow, this means elegant patterns on fabrics like cotton, linen, nylon, georgette, and chiffon. Usually the threads are white and are in floral motifs like in the shapes of roses, lotuses, jasmine, creepers, etc.

Indian embroidery from Long Island - on a delicate pink fabric

Indian Embroidery from Long Island


India is very rich in terms of art and crafts because of different communities and culture of its people. The above was just a glimpse of four of the many types of embroidery art present in India. These arts have acclaimed international fame and are in great demand in western countries. After independence these arts were revived by the Indian government which improved the declining situation of the Indian embroideries. The main support came from the Indian government.

Indian embroidery from Long Island in a teardrop shape

An Invitation:

Find our more about Indian embroidery techniques by visiting our Indian fashion boutique in the Little India section of Hicksville, Long Island, a short train or car ride from New York, New York.

Indian embroidery from Long Island - gold and green on a purple fabric

Indian embroidery from Long Island


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