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South Asian Dresses for Rent starting at $100 at Vastra Boutique. We get it. Buying South Asian dresses can be expensive. We wanted to make designer fashion accessible to all of our customers through renting dresses for 1-3 days for your most special occasions.

"Vastra had an incredible collection at the shop and I found the perfect dress. Renting was a great way for me to wear a beautiful dress that I normally wouldn't have been able to afford!"
Kelly Smith
Long Island

Sample Rental Collection

Designer dresses at affordable prices starting at $100. 

Rentals are available for 3 days (we can be flexible for out of state occasions).

We ask you to return your rental dress in person so that we may be able to have enough time for dry cleaning and dress maintenance after you use it.

Our commitment toward reducing waste from the fashion industry is an important reason we do rentals. Every single time you rent a dress, you do your part in helping fashion be more sustainable.

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